SeMoLa’s Neuro-Club

This is an open discussion platform to introduce, analyze, and comment recent or seminal papers in the context of human neuroscience.


Location : Fondation Asile des Aveugles

Moderators: David ZEUGIN and Borja RODRIGUEZ


26 February 2019 – Presenter: David Zeugin ; Title: Learning to Associate Orientation with Color in Early Visual Areas by Associative Decoded fMRI Neurofeedback ; Room: William Haldimand

02 April 2019 – Presenter: David Zeugin ; Title: Mental Rotation in congenital and acquired  Amelia ; Room: Jules Gonin

09 April 2019 – Presenter: Isabelle Guy ; Title: The impact of Stroke on perception of time ;  Room: Jules Gonin

11 June 2019 – Presenter: Silvio Ionta ; Title: The role of sensorimotor areas in detecting motor errors ; Room: Jules Gonin