Body Representation in Clinical Populations

Sensorimotor integration is the ability to organize sensory perceptions and motor routines. It is crucial for efficiently interacting with the environment. Nevertheless, the reciprocal role of sensory and motor processes is still unclear. The dissociation between these two sources of information is necessary to better understand the nature of their integration and is provided by mental simulation, a cognitive task that activates sensory and motor representations without physical stimulation.

Building on recent bio-computational modeling of sensorimotor integration, this SeMoLa project aims at pushing forward the scientific knowledge on the influence of sensory information on movement planning and vice versa. I take advantage of behavioral evidence to obtain fine-tuned measurements of mental simulation tasks as biomarkers of sensorimotor processing in chronic pain and neurodegenarative disorders.

This project will improve the understanding of sensorimotor integration mechanisms, identifying effective rehabilitation protocols which will open a new scenario for the development of non-invasive therapeutic interventions for sensorimotor syndromes.